Many children at footpath are waiting for your helping hand , help us to rehabilitate them from footpath to a part of our campaign " Street to School"

 Sheetal: A bright girl with good manners, sheetal is the best product of our footpathshala effort. she lives at the footpath of Nagpur city, near jhansi rani square.She lost her father at very early age. she can easily be spotted either selling soft toys at traffic signals or struggling with a smoky broken Chulha to cook meal for her siblings at the same footpath. We enrolled her in a school , now she is studying in class '8th ' and a regular student of our footpathshala. she would like to become a teacher so that she can teach all the unfortunate poor street children like her who have dreams but can't dare to dream. she is the class monitor of our Amrut Bhavan Footpathshala. Your support will rehabilitate her in some good boarding school.

Sponsor 1 child's education for 1 year : INR 3600 
Sponsor 3 children's education for 1 year: INR 10800
Sponsor 10 children's education for 1 year: INR 36000
Adopt a Footpathshala Centre for 1 year: INR 100000