UPAY has the motto of “Reach & Teach”.  It aims to REACH every child of underprivileged villages and TEACH them to spread its glory across the country.



UPAY was established to provide a SOLUTION to the everlasting problem of rural education. It is working on developing a sustainable process of imparting knowledge to these underprivileged children. We teach as well as imbibe our children with the spirit of UPAY. These children are further carrying this responsibility of upliftment of society. So these children are not just the students of UPAY but they are also the harbingers and volunteers of UPAY who are spreading it’s cause across the country.  UPAY is a continuous revolution which believes in overall empowerment of the underprivileged areas. So even in the absence of its founders, these volunteers will always keep this chain of development running and hold the flag of UPAY high. 



UPAY wants to bring a change in life of every underprivileged child, to remove the disparity in field of education, to tap the immense power of this youth and make them face this world with confidence. These young boys & girls are future of this society and UPAY aims to create a better future. 


“Where the vision is two year, cultivate flowers.

Where the vision is ten years, cultivate trees.



Where the vision is eternity, cultivate people.”

Click here to donate online. OR Transfer online to "Under Privileged Advancement by Youth", A/C No.-31985816052, SBI Mauda, Nagpur, Branch Code-04813, IFS Code-SBIN0004813.
Send us cheques or DD in favour of “Under Privileged Advancement By Youth” to 203, Honey sagar Apartment, Wardhman Nagar square, , Nagpur, Maharshtra, 440008




Apnasaamaan.com ensures the skill development of the locals, providing an integrated market where they will be able to sell their products and earn for their livelihood


Mobile Library. Collecting books across India to give underprivileged children the means to develop their reading and writing skills

E- Learning

When quality teachers are not available in remote places, we plan giving them access to video tutorials and / or online video classes